Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and More

Yellowfin Tuna FishingYellowfin Tuna is the perfect offshore game.  This Tuna species is a high-volume consumer and breeder.  Mature females can lay 8 million eggs per season, and the high energy yield of the Yellowfin Tuna’s body requires a large amount of food to continue fueling it.  This means the Yellowfin Tuna is always looking for a snack, and is rarely picky about what it eats—hook or no hook.

Description: Though it closely resembles the Bigeye Tuna, the Yellowfin is slightly smaller, and its yellow second dorsal and anal fins extend outward from the body in a crescent shape.  Its belly often has distinct, white-dotted lines vertical lines, and though it is not always a noticeable trait on the Yellowfin, this pattern is not seen on any other Tuna species. 

Size: Many of the Yellowfin Tuna caught are around 80 lbs, but this species of fish can grow to a formidable 400 lbs.  Its flesh is mostly pink, and occasionally whiter or redder.  Yellowfin is considered one of the top species of Tuna used for consumption, and it fantastic for grilling, broiling, and sushi.

Location: The Yellowfin Tuna is a frequent catch around the Gulf.  It prefers offshore and deep sea waters, and it is often spotted in different locations depending on the time of day, frequently sticking to reefs and underwater structures.  At night, the Yellowfin moves farther offshore to feed, sometimes traveling up to nine miles for a meal.  The Yellowfin is a proficient sight hunter, but it has an even more impressive sense of smell, which it uses to track its prey.

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