Lane Snapper Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St Petersburg, FL and More

Lane Snapper FishingSmall but tasty, Lane snapper are a colorful and popular fish to come across when fishing in the Tampa Bay area. Our experience captains know exactly where to go in order to provide with the best Lane snapper fishing experience, as well as other types of snapper and fish, possible.

Description: Silver-rosy pink to a deeper red in color, Lane snapper tend to have a uniform color with lighter bands on their sides. Their most distinguishing feature, however, is a black spot that is located above the lateral line and below the rear part of the dorsal fin on both sides of this fish.

Size: A smaller variety of snapper that doesn’t skimp on sport or flavor, the Lane snapper commonly weighs between 1-2 pounds, sometimes exceeding 5 pounds.

Location: Lane Snapper are found throughout the Gulf of Mexico and dipping down into more southern waters and into the Caribbean. Juveniles tend to live in shore, even reaching into freshwater estuaries, with adult living offshore in waters up to 600 ft.

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