Mutton Snapper Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and Surrounding Areas

Mutton Snapper FishingA very versatile and exceptionally good eating snapper fish, the Mutton snapper is wide spread throughout the Gulf of Mexico and south Florida area. By choosing Monster Charters for your Mutton snapper and other fishing needs, you will get experienced captains to serve any type of fishing trip your heart desires.

Description: Mutton snapper tend to have an olive green tone to the top of their bodies that fade into a reddish color on the belly. They have red fins, especially on their underside, and have a sharply pointed tails fins. Like most fish in the snapper family, they have a black spot on both sides below their dorsal fin. The body of the Mutton snapper also features dark vertical bars with a blue stripe near the eyes.

Size: Medium sized snapper fish, the Mutton typically weighs between two and 15 lbs., but can easily grow to 25 lbs.

Location: Often found further south towards the keys, they also can be found Gulf wide commonly where other species of snapper are located.

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