Red Snapper Fishing Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, FL and More

Red Snapper FishingThe Red snapper is a larger species of snapper that is exceptionally good for cooking and located off the coast of eastern and southern Florida in deeper waters than many types of snapper. Our experienced captains have extensive knowledge of local and off shore waters to suit any fishing excursion.

Description: Red snapper are generally a uniform pink to red color over their entire body with a white or lighter colored belly. They have a more pointed mouth than other snapper species, and a sharply pointed anal fin. They lack a lateral spot that most snappers have and they have a very noticeable reddish color to their eyes.

Size: Larger than many other snapper, they are commonly less than 10 pounds, however it isn’t rare for these fish to reach 30 pounds.

Location: Red snapper tend to leave their deep, offshore homes during colder months and move inshore, but they are predominantly considered reef and bottom relief dwellers in depths from 50-300ft.

Oftentimes Red snapper are caught with their stomachs protruding from their mouths. Since they live at deeper depths than most other snapper species, the gases that are released when they quickly surface can cause the condition. Since there are stricter size limitations for Red snapper, a good amount of these fish that are caught must be released. Contrary to popular belief, 80% of fish that have protruding stomachs will recover and survive. The only way that they will 100% die is if “helpful” anglers poke a hole in their stomach to deflate the air. If you catch a Red snapper, or any other fish, with a protruding stomach that must be released, do not try to help the fish by releasing the air from their stomachs.

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